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Hi, Jusjih, welcome to I see you deteted the template "ru" but you gave no reason (in the "Qanoq issusersiuineq:" editing slot). What was wrong with it? Thanks. Regards -- 23. Feb 2009, 02:05 (UTC)

Checking the fequency of your last contributions in Meta it seems that you are not likely to turn up at least for a few days so I am creating again the template. You are welcome to delete it again if it still has something wrong but please provide a reason so I can have a clue of what the problem is. Thanks. Regards. -- 23. Feb 2009, 02:27 (UTC)
Hello, saw this because I saw the message to Your talkpage on Meta, I have restored the template, I guess You have deleted it due to [1], but I would expect a bit more caution with that, often inexperienced users add deletion requests there, the page to delete should be very carefully checked e.g. with [special:whatlinkshere/pagename]. These templates are widely used in Wiktionaries in the translation sections and it seems to have been the local translation for Russian. Best regards, --timmiaq (:> )=| 23. Feb 2009, 02:30 (UTC)
Thanks. I actually took the content from Skabelon:-ru- (which was created in 2007 by Max sonnelid). Thanks (to both; it is always good to see that guardian angels are around, even when they make little mistakes like this :). Regards -- 23. Feb 2009, 02:40 (UTC)
I deleted it based on the request at [2] where a bot reported it.--Jusjih 23. Feb 2009, 04:22 (UTC)
Maybe the Meta bot operator should also be notified of this accidental misunderstanding?--Jusjih 23. Feb 2009, 04:33 (UTC)
Hello Jusjih, this is a missunderstanding, the bot reports what some people on the antivandlism channel report, they do report sometimes good articles too as mistake, and this is why we or those who are getting to this deletion requests have to check very carefully:
  • are there active local sysops
  • if yes, is it an emergency and is there some ongoing vandalism that needs to be stopped immediately
  • if there are no active ones, does the page really merrits deletion: evaluating with whatlinkshere and eventually asking for council at someone who speaks that language.
This is not the responsability or work of the bot or users in the channel, I know this takes a lot of time, but it can't be evaluated and decided by the bot. Best regards, --timmiaq (:> )=| 23. Feb 2009, 19:07 (UTC)
Sure. If there are any active local sysops, stepping in by a steward is too much. Asking for council at someone who speaks that language is a challenge. Bots sometimes make sorry things, so a chance to appeal a deletion is important. Meta deletion request instructs how to remove indeed unneeded requests.--Jusjih 27. Feb 2009, 04:25 (UTC)
Yes, no harm done, so no worries, also the local users here are very kind :)
Btw. could You have a look at zh.wikt deletion requests, I am trying to correct the German entries there and there are now a bunch to delete before I could move them to their correct name.
Best regards, --timmiaq (:> )=| 28. Feb 2009, 22:13 (UTC)