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See also Wiktionary:Robotter, --timmiaq (:> )=| 2. Mar 2009, 01:43 (UTC)

That page was originally created as Wiktionary:Bots --Piolinfax 2. Mar 2009, 08:54 (UTC)
Oh, good to know, however special:listbots links to Wiktionary:Robotter, and I just put a link here, because now they found something new on Meta, they are saying that that page is an orphan and thus the community can't notice the requests... best regards, --timmiaq (:> )=| 3. Mar 2009, 06:19 (UTC)
Yes I redirected Bots to Robotter. I just wanted to state that my votes had been done earlier. I'll put relevant links in the talk pages of the main pages of other projects by following special:listbots when I have some time. Takk, timmiaq. :) --Piolinfax 3. Mar 2009, 13:22 (UTC)

re:faulty redirects[aaqqissoruk]

Hello all, per request on Meta I am correcting the broken redirects here, best regards, --timmiaq (:> )=| 7. Apr 2009, 22:27 (UTC)

Takk, timmiaq & co! :) --Piolinfax 9. Apr 2009, 10:40 (UTC)